About Us

Since Brook was young and given her first set of crayons she delighted in colors and never stayed in the lines.  To this day, Brook captures vibrant scenery from her travels and has found a way to bring them to life through useful products.  Brook, currently lives full time with her husband Jim and 2 furbabies (Taz and Psyman--weenie dogs) in their RV in Fort Walton Beach Florida.  Brook hopes to one day be able to travel freely while sharing her photography with the world and spending time with those she loves the most, her family.  

Brook's son (Austin) also shares her passion for creative arts, is helping her to build a brand unlike any other.  Austin, lives in Franklin, Pennsylvania with his Fiancé: Amber and their two kids, Gabbi and Angelo.  Austin shares his life through his musical and visual talents and will be helping out behind the scenes as well as with other pursuits that this new business venture brings. 

This store is our way of doing that and bringing our creative visions to life.  Walk with us on this new journey as we build our brand and help us share our passion of visual and creative arts with the world!  Thank you for your time.

Brook and Austin Siar/ Brook Siar Photography